Calling all Writers for Online Writing Work

Opportunities for Bloggers and Writers to write about wedding related things

Angel Springs is looking for a few good writers.

Did you get married here?

If you got married at Angel Springs Wedding Event Center, we would love for you to have the opportunity to submit your wedding story to our blog page. We want to showcase YOUR favorite moments and photos. Please submit your wedding story to us at Elaine{at} Include photos and a link to your photographer’s website so we can give credit to those beautiful pictures of you and your honey!

Are you a blogger?

Do you have a blog? Are you looking to increase your online exposure with online writing work? We are looking for multiple high-quality blogs about weddings. At this point we are not offering payment to first-time bloggers, but bylines and bios will be posted with a link back to your blog. We request that you DO NOT post the blog you submit anywhere else for SEO purposes. We ask that you promote it on your blog/social media with a link back to us! Please submit your blog to us at Elaine{at}

Are you looking for PAID writing work?

Once you’ve successfully submitted a blog to us, we would LOVE to regularly work with a team of dedicated bloggers for payment. Payment will vary depending on your experience. Those who submit social media sharing images will be especially considered.

Are you a Social Media Guru?

Do you LOVE to be online? Are you a master of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? Contact us for more information about our social media positions at Elaine{at}


Some Past Blogs that show what we are looking for:


What WE ARE NOT Looking For in a Blog:

  • Anything that would undermine our vendor relationships. We work with florists, caterers, party rentals, DJs, photographers, bakers and much more. We don’t want to show favoritism in our blog that would cause our wedding community to feel slighted or overlooked.
  • TIPS: If you have a blog idea that showcases wedding dresses, instead of featuring ONE boutique you might feature a style of dress. Instead a DIY Floral Bouquet (which would undermine our floral vendors) think about doing a blog on what flowers represent or which flower is currently “trending”.


Opportunities for Bloggers and Writers to write about wedding related things



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