Top 10 Marriage Blogs to Follow

Top 10 Best Marriage Blogs to Follow -

General “Wifey” Marriage Blogs

Club 31 Women –

The Unveiled Wife –

Happy Wives Club –

To Love, Honor, and Vacuum –

The Time Warp Wife –

Wife, Mom, Superwoman –


For Those in a Second Marriage Blogs

Heather Gilbert –


We didn’t forget about the HUSBANDS Marriage Blogs!

Husband Revolution –

The Husband Blog –

Engaged Marriage –

Hilarious Look at Women and Men’s Communication

It's NOT about the Nail. A Hilarious Look at Communication in #Marriage. -

Communication is tough. Communication with gender barriers in place is NEXT LEVEL difficult.

I think this video hits the “nail” on the head! (Pun intended).

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Five Books to Take on Your Honeymoon

5 Books You Should Take on the Honeymoon -

We all know what people do on the their honeymoon…READ!

Ok, not really. But after all, there might be some down time for reading, right?

Top recommendations for marriage building books

(Click book image to view on

5 Books You Should Take on the Honeymoon - California’s gold country, 1850. A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their bodies for a place to sleep.Angel expects nothing from men but betrayal. Sold into prostitution as a child, she survives by keeping her hatred alive. And what she hates most are the men who use her, leaving her empty and dead inside.

Then she meets Michael Hosea, a man who seeks his Father’s heart in everything. Michael obeys God’s call to marry Angel and to love her unconditionally. Slowly, day by day, he defies Angel’s every bitter expectation, until despite her resistance, her frozen heart begins to thaw.

But with her unexpected softening comes overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear. And so Angel runs. Back to the darkness, away from her husband’s pursuing love, terrified of the truth she no longer can deny: Her final healing must come from the One who loves her even more than Michael does…the One who will never let her go.

A powerful retelling of the story of Gomer and Hosea, Redeeming Love is a life-changing story of God’s unconditional, redemptive, all-consuming love.

5 Books You Should Take on the Honeymoon - Marriage should be based on love, right? But does it seem as though you and your spouse are speaking two different languages? New York Times bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse’s primary love language—quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

By learning the five love languages, you and your spouse will discover your unique love languages and learn practical steps in truly loving each other. Chapters are categorized by love language for easy reference, and each one ends with specific, simple steps to express a specific language to your spouse and guide your marriage in the right direction. A newly designed love languages assessment will help you understand and strengthen your relationship. You can build a lasting, loving marriage together.

5 Books You Should Take on the Honeymoon - Discover the Single Greatest Secret to a Successful MarriagePsychological studies affirm it, and the Bible has been saying it for ages. Cracking the communication code between husband and wife involves understanding one thing: that unconditional respect is as powerful for him as unconditional love is for her. It’s the secret to marriage that every couple seeks, and yet few couples ever find.

Today, you and your mate can start fresh with the ground-breaking guidance that Dr. Emerson Eggerichs provides in this book. His revolutionary message, featured on Focus on the Family, is for anyone: in marital crisis…wanting to stay happily married…who’s feeling lonely. It’s for engaged couples…victims of affairs…pastors and counselors seeking material that can save a marriage.

Using Dr. Eggerich’s breakthrough techniques, couples nationwide are achieving a brand-new level of intimacy and learning how to: – stop the Crazy Cycle of conflict – initiate the Energizing Cycle of change – enjoy the Rewarded Cycle of new passionAnd if you’ll take this biblically based counsel to heart, your marriage could be next!

5 Books You Should Take on the Honeymoon - A mother who cannot face her future.
A daughter who cannot escape her past.

Lady Elisabeth Kerr is a keeper of secrets. A Highlander by birth and a Lowlander by marriage, she honors the auld ways, even as doubts and fears stir deep within her.Her husband, Lord Donald, has secrets of his own, well hidden from the household, yet whispered among the town gossips.

His mother, the dowager Lady Marjory, hides gold beneath her floor and guilt inside her heart. Though her two abiding passions are maintaining her place in society and coddling her grown sons, Marjory’s many regrets, buried in Greyfriars Churchyard, continue to plague her.One by one the Kerr family secrets begin to surface, even as bonny Prince Charlie and his rebel army ride into Edinburgh in September 1745, intent on capturing the crown.

A timeless story of love and betrayal, loss and redemption, flickering against the vivid backdrop of eighteenth-century Scotland, Here Burns My Candle illumines the dark side of human nature, even as hope, the brightest of tapers, lights the way home.

5 Books You Should Take on the Honeymoon - John Gottman has revolutionized the study of marriage by using rigorous scientific procedures to observe the habits of married couples in unprecedented detail over many years. Here is the culmination of his life’s work: the seven principles that guide couples on the path toward a harmonious and long-lasting relationship. Packed with practical questionnaires and exercises, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is the definitive guide for anyone who wants their relationship to attain its highest potential.


8 Unique Wedding Songs instead of “Here Comes the Bride”

Wedding Song Ideas that will make you say, "I haven't heard that in a while, but I totally LOVE that song!" - from Austin-area wedding venue -


We’ve all heard “Here Comes the Bride” (otherwise known as “Bridal Chorus” by Wagner). It’s a great choice for a traditional wedding song, but if you want something more unique…maybe with a “I haven’t heard that song in a while but I totally LOVE that song” quality we have some ideas.

A non-traditional wedding song is a great choice to:

  • send a special message to each other as you walk down the aisle
  • portray your emotions to your guests
  • show your unique personalities
  • making your wedding that much more fun!
  • capturing a moment that defined your relationship
  • making a promise via the lyrics

Non-Traditional Wedding Song Choices:

  1. Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden
  2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You – Lauryn Hill
  3. Marry Me – Train
  4. You’re the One That I Want – The Lennings (cover song featured on “Parenthood”)
  5. Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers
  6. Eternal Flame – The Bangles
  7. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith
  8. The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson

What are your wedding song ideas?

Leave it in the comments below!

Bible Verses about Love

1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. -

Bride Gets Surprise Father-Daughter Dance

This Father-Daughter Dance Will Make You Cry

Andrea had a very special dance with some very close family and friends at her wedding. Her father passed away so her brother recorded “butterfly kisses” and she danced with with all of them during her Father-Daughter dance. it was a truly touching moment not a dry eye in the house.

Her dad, Mark, died earlier in the year from pancreatic cancer. Andrea’s first dance is with Mark’s father, followed by her brother Luke, then brother Nick and finally her new father-in-law Scott.

Filmed and edited by LaFrance Films
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Father/Daughter Dance - Bride Gets a Surprise after Father's passed away from cancer on her wedding day -


20 Neutral Colored Wedding Nails

20 Neutral Colored Wedding Nails - Wedding Inspiration -


Follow Us on Pinterest!We love nails…what girl doesn’t? But when it comes to wedding nails these take the cake (pun intended!!). These neutral yet luxurious-looking shades will add that extra dazzle you need to perfect compliment your bridal gown.

You can see our Wedding Nails board on Pinterest by clicking here. We add stuff daily! (And don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest to keep up to date on our favorite trends.)

10 Things to think about when choosing a shade for your wedding nails.

  1. What season are you getting married in?
  2. Do you like bolder colors or neutral colors in general? (Make sure you are expressing your personality during your big day!)
  3. Is your dress white or off-white?
  4. What color dresses will your bridesmaids be wearing?
  5. Do you want to match anything in particular (ie. bridesmaid’s nails, mom’s dress, your shoes)?
  6. What color are your flowers (you don’t want to clash!)
  7. What color does your man like to see you in (I bet it is red nails!)
  8. What will make you feel prettiest?
  9. What color is your trousseau ?
  10. Do you want your hands to be in photographs? (Think about backgrounds and how that will look with your nails.)

Now here are the photos (what you really came here for, right?)

Neutral Colored Wedding Nails

Click Photo to Enlarge

10 Must-Have Etsy Wedding Presents (even if you have to buy them yourself)

10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

Here at Angel Springs Events Center, we’ve seen it all. We know the latest trends in bridal showers, wedding decorations and colors.

But what about those wedding presents?

You know the ones that are all wrapped in a pretty package at the reception.

Most things listed on a couple’s registry are for the new home they will be sharing but is there room on the registry for something totally unnecessary or just plain silly?

You bet there is!

We’ve decided to list a couple “just for fun” things that might not be on your registry that you absolutely MUST-HAVE.

Take it from a girl who scanned an XBOX at Target…and whose best friend bought it (thanks Lindsey)!

10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy

1) Wifey – Gray Slouchy Oversized Sweatshirt for Bride – $29

Wifey Sweatshirt - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by DentzDesign on Etsy

What man doesn’t like to see a little shoulder action…especially when it’s attached to a cute oversized gray sweatshirt that deems him the proud owner of the hot little number wearing it!

Ps…that’s you!

2) Custom Wedding Photo Coasters –  $25

Custom Wedding Photo Coasters - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by SukisSuitcase on Etsy

Let’s face it…even if you do the all the work to make a wedding scrapbook (even a digital one) how often do you really see your favorite bridal, engagement or wedding portraits?

If you are like most hipsters, you get guests to hashtag their photos of the wedding and view them only once or twice. Afterward, maybe a scant few professional ones get displayed around the house.

But check out this amazing option for presenting those photos in an everyday useful way by getting custom wedding photo coasters!

Every time you have a gathering (or just don’t want your hubby’s beer to leave a ring on your new wood coffee table) you can be reminded of the blissful event. #goodtimes

3) Personalized Cutting Board – $44

Personalized Cutting Board - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by TaylorCraftsEngraved on Etsy

We love this take on the traditional monogrammed “Established” sign that usually hangs in the hallway. Throughout the years your decor may change…but you will always need a cutting board.

Instead of feeling guilty for not having anywhere to hang your sign that immortalizes your “special day,” forgo it by getting something memorable AND utilitarian!

4) Crochet Foot Jewelry $15

Bridal Footware - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by LadyAlinaShop on Etsy

So you may have heard the advice: get comfortable wedding shoes!

But what if you LOVE your 3-inch heels? You can have the best of both worlds by investing in these beautiful crochet wedding footware. After you take your photos and your done your due diligence in your “fancy” shoes – throw them in a corner and don these.

If you are doing a beach-themed wedding, skip a step and just get these.

5) Wedding Invitation Christmas Ornament -$40

Wedding Invitation Ornament - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by HappyThoughtsbyKelly on Etsy

Ahhh…the poor wedding invitation. You spend countless hours picking out stationary, addressing and mailing them out…only to NOT know what to do with YOUR copy when it is all said and done?

What if once a year you were destined to have a friendly reminder of your big day?

These custom wedding invitation Christmas ornaments were the absolute cutest ones we found on Etsy.

6) Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags – $24

Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by HappyThoughtsGifts on Etsy

I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of “His/Her” stuff just because of what inevitably happens…aka the wife loves it and the husband begrudgingly wears the silly “I’m the Husband” shirt.

But these cute (and customized) Mr. and Mrs. Luggage tags are actually useful on that honeymoon vacation…and all subsequent vacations!

Everyone has a black suitcase…make yours stand out!

7) Thought Bubble Pillowcase – $33

Thought Bubble Pillowcase - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by OSusannahs on Etsy

You are the woman/man of your future spouse’s dream, right? Let’s live it up a little and make have a silly reminder that they are thinking about you as they enter dreamland.

There are also some silly “Yes, I’m game” and “No, not tonight, honey” pillowcases on Etsy as well!

8) Monogrammed Door Wreath – $50-80

Monogrammed Door Wreath - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by Southern Greeters on Etsy

Southern Greeters has it going on when it comes to custom metal monogrammed door wreaths. Metal withstands the elements (unlike fabric ones) and the occasional droppage (unlike wood ones).

They offer many different styles and colors from this fun hot pink one to more serious neutral tones.

These beauties could be displayed indoors as well.

9) Fingerprint Rings – $135

Fingerprint Rings - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by JimLittleJewelry on Etsy

We’ve all heard the horror stories of lost wedding rings in the ocean. Do yourself a favor and get these unique fingerprint rings as the “go-to” ring for those outings that you aren’t willing to wear your diamond on.

For the days you aren’t wearing it on your left finger, it could always be displayed as a conversation starter on your right hand!

Besides…Who doesn’t want their main squeeze’s fingerprints all over them?

10) Bridal Lingerie – $43

Something Blue Lingere - 10 Must-Have Wedding Presents from Etsy (even if you have to buy them yourself) -

by VoluptuouslyHip on Etsy

Where your “something blue” after the wedding with this beautiful yet sexy number! Blue is a spicy color addition under that big white wedding dress!

And we love the idea of a cameo locket as well…found here.

Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Reception Venue

A recent article in Bridal Guide gave great advice on what you should be asking your wedding venue BEFORE booking your event.  Often times, there are things you need to know that you may not think to ask right away. Here’s their list, along with some of our own comments.

What services does the rental fee include?

At Angel Springs your rental comes with a full 10 hour time block to enjoy your wedding day, and 1 1/2 hours for rehearsal prior to your wedding day.  We provide all the tables, chiavari chairs for your indoor reception, and outdoor ceremony chairs.  You have access to our built-in stereo system and wireless mics for any speeches or toasts.  The Angel Springs staff does all the set-up and tear down for you, and there is an on-site building manager present throughout your entire event.

Is the rental fee cheaper if we don’t book a Saturday night?

Rental rates at Angel Springs range from $2500-$3900, with Saturday rental during peak season (March-June and October) being the highest.

Are you hosting other events before, during or after ours on the same day?

We only book one event per day at Angel Springs.  Once you have secured your date, the venue is considered booked for the day and no other events are scheduled.

Can we bring in our own caterer?

Yes!  We are more than happy to help with catering recommendations, and we do have package catering available as an option with your venue rental.  However, we understand this is your day, and we want to make sure it includes the vendors you have chosen whether it is on our recommendation or your own finding.

What is your alcohol policy?

If you are having a bar at your event, you are required to use Angel Springs staff of bartenders.  You bring in all your own alcohol that you would like served, and our bartenders dispense it.

Are your health department and insurance certificates up to date?

Yes, all insurance here at Angel Springs is current.

Are there adequate restroom facilities?

Yes.  The restroom facilities at Angel Springs are adequate for accommodating up to 200 wedding guests.  Our restrooms are wheelchair acessable, and the women’s does include a baby changing table.

Can you accommodate physically challenged guests?

Yes.  Angel Springs has handicapped parking available, as well as certified ADA access in building and our surrounding lawn areas.

Is there air conditioning?

Your indoor reception at Angel Springs does have air conditioning (and heating for those chilly Texas winter nights).

Are there any restrictions we need to know about?

Any decorations need to be free standing.  No staples, tacks or nails are allowed to hang decor.  Candles are allowed, but must be in a candle holder, lamp or vase.  No smoking inside the building.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

To reserve your date at Angel Springs we require a 25% non refundable initial payment.  Your balance is due 30 days prior to your event, and we can set up a payment plan if you would like.  If for any reason you need to change your date a $250 fee will apply.  All cancellations must be submitted in writing.

Do not be afraid to ask questions.  When planning your wedding you want to make sure all the details are covered.  Finding your venue is one of the first, and most important decisions you will make.

Read the full Bridal Guide Article HERE!


Special Touch for your Ceremony

For many brides, hearing their guests say “That wedding was completely YOU” is like hitting the jackpot.  Girls dream of a day that reflects their personality, and leaves family and friends talking about the event for years to come.  Adding special touches can help ensure that your guests will see your shining personality in all areas of your wedding.

Greet your guests with a little pre-ceremony treat.  Providing a drink station for your guests can be a welcoming touch to your event.  Use colors and/or decor to tie into your reception theme, or serve a drink that is a favorite of yours.  This can set the tone for what can be expected when the party begins.


Pets can be like family, and if Fido is indeed your best friend, why not include him in your wedding.  Dogs can act as honorary ring bearers, or serve as a special witness to their owners love.

Pets in weddings

via Pinterest

A great way to show style and personality is by using unique items for your ring pillow.  Your ring bearer does not have to carry a pillow.  There are cute options such as a book, a nest, or a block of wood.  You can choose items that coordinate with your overall wedding vibe.

Wood Ring Pillow

via Etsy

If you are known as the bride who will for sure cry, play into it.  Many brides provide tissues for all of their guests.  The designs and colors can be matched to your wedding design, and adding a cute saying will make your guests smile.  “Tears of Joy, Tears of Laughter, Tears of Happily Ever After”.


via Pinterest

Your wedding day is all about you.  It is the perfect day to let your personality shine!