Enchanting Wedding Video


Maegan + Jared // The Highlight Film from Henry Weddings on Vimeo.

We were honored to be a part of this enchanting wedding video.
The ceremony took place at our very own, Angel Springs Event Center.

Planning + Design: Mayhar Design
Photography: Heather Hawkins
Floral: Bows & Arrows
Hair + Makeup: Amy Clarke
Ceremony Venue: Angel Springs
Reception Venue: The Union on Eighth
Paper: Whitney Farnsworth
Catering: Whole Foods
Catering: Lucky Lab Coffee
Cake: Cake and Spoon
Hotel: Sweet Lemon Inn


Angel Springs Bride & Groom

We love to hear all about our bride and groom when we first meet them, and we couldn’t think of a better way to share these wonderful love stories than through a Q&A from bride and grooms of Angel Springs. Our first couple, Binh & Christina.



​1. How did you two meet?

Funny story….ode to orange juice….

While I worked at HealthSouth as a Nursing Supervisor, Binh working as a Therapist. A few times Binh tried to chat with me while I was at the nurses station…however the comments of “dont you ever work?” didn’t quite charm me. I tried my best to avoid him, but couldnt help but talk to him when I saw him walk to the vending machine for orange juice 3 or 4 times a day for weeks. Out of concern I finally asked him “arent you afraid of getting acid reflux” He looked at the orange juice looked at me and we both chuckled. From that point on every time he walked by to get orange juice he would make it a point to stop and chat a bit. After a few weeks he finally asked me out, but yet to this day he says he was just wanting to be friends…right…lol

Well none the less our first date was to the bowling alley and I knew he was different from the rest. He was a complete gentleman, very respectful, and made me laugh. The rest was history , every encounter after that confirmed that we had something special.

Every time we think back how we met, we laugh. He later told me the only reason he went to get orange juice from the vending machine, was because he was just working up the nerve to talk to me. The orange juice made it all possible lol


2. Bride: What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Our wedding symbolized bringing 2 families together as one. We are a blended family and it was such a wonderful experience seeing our children all dressed up. But mostly my favorite part of the wedding is when our pastor prayed over our new blended family and asked our guests to participate in the prayer. It was a gift to get everyone’s blessing.


85 (2)

3. Groom: What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Laying my eyes on my bride for the first time. The way she looked that day will be locked in my memory forever.


4. What was your first song to dance to, and why did you guys pick it?

We chose a thousand years by Christina Perry, no we are not twilight groupies…lol. We simply have both endured some challenges in our lives as single parents and at times for both of us felt like we waited a thousand years to find each other and now that we did, we were confident we would be with one another for a thousand more.


5. What did you absolutely want to incorporate into the wedding?

Honestly, we didn’t care if no one came to our wedding we knew our day…our “must” was have our children be a part of our day-we knew our day would be a lasting memory having them there with us.


6. Bride: Any wedding planning advice?

Have a general idea of what you truly want to make the special day complete. Everyone will have an opinion what they think you need, but always remember no one knows what will make you and your groom happy but you two. Don’t be afraid to say no to others suggestions, This is “your” day. And when you piece it all together it will resemble a piece of who you are , and that is what will make the day marked as special.


7. Groom: Any wedding planning advice?

Have a check list for wedding day, and have someone double check you so you don’t forget anything … ie: the wedding ring:)



Angel Springs Virtual Tour

We created a special video just for you! We hope you enjoy this virtual tour of Angel Springs Event Center, in Georgetown, Texas.



Want to come and see our space in person? We’d love to have you! Call today to make an appointment to stop by, or come to one of our Open House events, every Wednesday evening!


open house angel springs


Our address:

1500 County Road 267
Georgetown, TX 78628

Call us to make an appointment!

(866) 771-1500

Wednesday Tours at Angel Springs Event Center Texas

angel springs tours


Every Wednesday, here at Angel Springs Event Center in Georgetown Texas, we have tours for everyone that has never seen our space! Here are some of the things we offer here at Angel Springs:

  • 10 acres on a hilltop setting among majestic oak trees
  • Gorgeous setting for outside ceremony under the trees next to a gorgeous field of wildflowers
  • Private Bridal & Groom Suites
  • Grand Entrance with Covered Courtyard for guest drop-off
  • Gorgeous modern stone interior with hardwood flooring
  • Space for 200 guests
  • Indoor/Outdoor mingling space


When you come on a Wednesday from 5-7pm we will give you a tour of our beautiful property! You will get to see everything we have to offer, including:

  • Gorgeous Ballroom
  • The amazing landscape and natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country
  • Our Bridal & Groom Suites
  • Outdoor space for wedding ceremony
  • Our mahogany chairs and tables that are available for your event


Be sure to ask us about our on-site cabins! These are only a few years old and available for you to rent for your wedding party, or friends and family for your weekend!

We are located in Georgetown, TX. A beautiful destination for your guests. Quaint town with a lovely downtown area with shopping and restaurants, as well as a modern area for all of your needs! Ask us about restaurant, hotel, shopping, and activities available in Georgetown.


Our address:

1500 County Road 267
Georgetown, TX 78628

Call us with any questions!

(866) 771-1500

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Navy and Yellow Wedding

Army Wedding



Yellow and Navy Wedding


We were so honored to have this couple choose Angel Springs Events Center for their wedding location! Such a stunning couple, and we are in love with the beautiful moments that Jessica Frey Photography was able to capture.

The bride was adorned in a beautiful dress of lace, tulle, and beading. The groom wore his Army Service Uniform, and looked very dashing. They chose a wedding color palette that complimented his uniform, a navy and yellow wedding. We love this color combination anytime, and they incorporated in beautifully. The stunning centerpieces with lemons and flowers, and the brides bouquet were classic and beautiful accents to a gorgeous setting.

We love the picture that was taken with the Ivy Wall for their “first look.” The Ivy covers the entire wall and is a beautiful background to capture precious moments.


Austin Wedding



Navy and Yellow Wedding Ideas



Navy and Yellow Wedding


The bride and groom cutting the cake with a sword was such a fun idea! The guests loved it, and we’re sure it is something that everyone left the wedding talking about.

Crushed navy tablecloths, and chevron yellow table runners, all complemented their colors beautifully! We love the natural elements that they pulled in by using lemons for their centerpieces. This navy and yellow wedding was beautiful, and we can’t wait to see it at Angel Springs Event Center again.

We are so happy for this couple and wish them the very best, and a happily ever after!

What color palette are you considering for your wedding? We would love to talk to you about your ideas and help you make them come to life! Call us today, and let us do some of the work for you.

Should we do a first look on our wedding day?

first look on wedding day

Tradition states that the bride and groom should not see each other before the wedding. Emily Post would strongly suggest against them even speaking to each other the day of the wedding. Don’t talk to each other, don’t see each other, not until the bride is walking down the aisle will they see each other.

When I was engaged my fiance and I talked about whether or not we would have a first look on our wedding day. I was unsure about it, after all there was tradition. My fiance was in the same belief that we should stick to tradition. After all, neither of our parents had done a first look, and had done the “vow of silence” and didn’t see or speak to each other before their own weddings.

The day of our wedding, I was running around like crazy, grabbing last minute items, finishing packing, and making sure that everything made it to the venue. Once at the venue it was a whirlwind. My friend/assistant coordinator didn’t show, and I had to run downstairs a few times (instead of getting prepared for my wedding) to ensure that everything was in the right place. Then it was upstairs curling my hair, doing makeup, asking another friend to check on things downstairs. I didn’t have time to think about what was actually happening that day and the fact that I hadn’t gotten to talk to my fiance at all.

Until, It was time for me to walk down the stairs for some last minute pictures and to find my dad.

Cue – nerves.

I remember my hands being shaky, taking deep breaths, and just wanting to see my fiance and hug and kiss him and remember that this day was all about US. Not a production, not tradition, it was about us. I wanted nothing more than to see him and talk to him before I walked down the aisle. NOT because I was having second thoughts, or that I was worried about anything. Only that I wanted this day to be about us and not a production.

And it was then, that I was kicking myself for sticking to “tradition” and not having a first look.

So, was I right in following tradition and making Emily Post proud? . . .
This is just my story, and what I experienced. In our case, we both look back on it now and wish that we would have had a first look and gotten to see each other, talk, kiss, laugh, and be excited together! We were starting the rest of our lives together that day as husband and wife, we wanted to be able to enjoy and be excited together. The day was about us, and who cares what “tradition” states. The bottom line is, it comes down to you two. And only you two can make that decision.

You don’t have to see each other before the wedding, you don’t have to NOT see each other before the wedding. The choice is yours! Just make sure it is something you both discuss with each other and that you’re both happy with your decision, and it won’t be something you regret (whichever way you decide) in the end.

Have you talked about this as a couple? What way are you leaning, or if you have already had your wedding, which way did you decide to go?

Marsala Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

marsala wedding color palette inspiration
Bride | Groom | Raspberry Tea | Wedding Cake

It’s a new year, which means a new color of the year from Pantone! It is so exciting to see what color they choose for the new year, and follow all of the new fashion and decoration trends that are up and coming. Everything from home decor, dresses, nail polish and everything in between! In case you didn’t hear yet, the color for 2015 is a gorgeous shade of red called Marsala.

We are loving Marsala and all of the different color palettes that can be created, especially for our brides!  Marsala isn’t just a fall color, but it can be a color that you can use in your wedding no matter what season it is! Here are some color palette ideas for each season.



marsala wedding color palette

At first glance, we agree, Marsala could seem like a fall or winter color, but after looking through inspiration boards and pinning a million things to our Pinterest Page we know better! Having your bridesmaids in different shades of blush gowns for spring, and you carrying a gorgeous bouquet of blush and Marsala color flowers? Gorgeous! And for summertime we are loving pink and orange paired with this gorgeous red. The possibilities are endless.





If you want to incorporate this color into your palette think of shades as well! You don’t have to do everything in the darkest shade of Marsala, but you can go with light and middle shades (ombre anyone?). Our minds are spinning with creative ideas of how to incorporate a shade of this color. This can make a gorgeous wedding color palette and in our slightly biased opinion, we think it would go gorgeous with our venue set just north of Austin, don’t you? Are you thinking of using a Marsala wedding color palette this year?



Let us know what you think of Marsala in the comments or on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Austin Party Bus

Do you want a awesome ride for your guests?  We recommend that you check out Austin Party Bus, they have some of the most unique buses in the Austin area for 10 to 30 people.  Your party will get started the moment your guests hop on board.

Calling all Writers for Online Writing Work

Opportunities for Bloggers and Writers to write about wedding related things

Angel Springs is looking for a few good writers.

Did you get married here?

If you got married at Angel Springs Wedding Event Center, we would love for you to have the opportunity to submit your wedding story to our blog page. We want to showcase YOUR favorite moments and photos. Please submit your wedding story to us at Elaine{at}AngelSpringsEvents.com. Include photos and a link to your photographer’s website so we can give credit to those beautiful pictures of you and your honey!

Are you a blogger?

Do you have a blog? Are you looking to increase your online exposure with online writing work? We are looking for multiple high-quality blogs about weddings. At this point we are not offering payment to first-time bloggers, but bylines and bios will be posted with a link back to your blog. We request that you DO NOT post the blog you submit anywhere else for SEO purposes. We ask that you promote it on your blog/social media with a link back to us! Please submit your blog to us at Elaine{at}AngelSpringsEvents.com.

Are you looking for PAID writing work?

Once you’ve successfully submitted a blog to us, we would LOVE to regularly work with a team of dedicated bloggers for payment. Payment will vary depending on your experience. Those who submit social media sharing images will be especially considered.

Are you a Social Media Guru?

Do you LOVE to be online? Are you a master of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? Contact us for more information about our social media positions at Elaine{at}AngelSpringsEvents.com.


Some Past Blogs that show what we are looking for:


What WE ARE NOT Looking For in a Blog:

  • Anything that would undermine our vendor relationships. We work with florists, caterers, party rentals, DJs, photographers, bakers and much more. We don’t want to show favoritism in our blog that would cause our wedding community to feel slighted or overlooked.
  • TIPS: If you have a blog idea that showcases wedding dresses, instead of featuring ONE boutique you might feature a style of dress. Instead a DIY Floral Bouquet (which would undermine our floral vendors) think about doing a blog on what flowers represent or which flower is currently “trending”.


Opportunities for Bloggers and Writers to write about wedding related things



Perfect weather for a wedding

Yesterday’s weather was perfect for on outdoor wedding.  Stormy and Rick had a magical night with their outdoor ceremony followed by a reception in our ballroom.  Camille Stallings Photography has a few pictures of their first look on their blog; here’s one of those photos.Angel_Events_Center_Wedding_1