20 Neutral Colored Wedding Nails

20 Neutral Colored Wedding Nails - Wedding Inspiration - AngelSpringsEvents.com


Follow Us on Pinterest!We love nails…what girl doesn’t? But when it comes to wedding nails these take the cake (pun intended!!). These neutral yet luxurious-looking shades will add that extra dazzle you need to perfect compliment your bridal gown.

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10 Things to think about when choosing a shade for your wedding nails.

  1. What season are you getting married in?
  2. Do you like bolder colors or neutral colors in general? (Make sure you are expressing your personality during your big day!)
  3. Is your dress white or off-white?
  4. What color dresses will your bridesmaids be wearing?
  5. Do you want to match anything in particular (ie. bridesmaid’s nails, mom’s dress, your shoes)?
  6. What color are your flowers (you don’t want to clash!)
  7. What color does your man like to see you in (I bet it is red nails!)
  8. What will make you feel prettiest?
  9. What color is your trousseau ?
  10. Do you want your hands to be in photographs? (Think about backgrounds and how that will look with your nails.)

Now here are the photos (what you really came here for, right?)

Neutral Colored Wedding Nails

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