Angel Springs Bride & Groom

We love to hear all about our bride and groom when we first meet them, and we couldn’t think of a better way to share these wonderful love stories than through a Q&A from bride and grooms of Angel Springs. Our first couple, Binh & Christina.



‚Äč1. How did you two meet?

Funny story….ode to orange juice….

While I worked at HealthSouth as a Nursing Supervisor, Binh working as a Therapist. A few times Binh tried to chat with me while I was at the nurses station…however the comments of “dont you ever work?” didn’t quite charm me. I tried my best to avoid him, but couldnt help but talk to him when I saw him walk to the vending machine for orange juice 3 or 4 times a day for weeks. Out of concern I finally asked him “arent you afraid of getting acid reflux” He looked at the orange juice looked at me and we both chuckled. From that point on every time he walked by to get orange juice he would make it a point to stop and chat a bit. After a few weeks he finally asked me out, but yet to this day he says he was just wanting to be friends…right…lol

Well none the less our first date was to the bowling alley and I knew he was different from the rest. He was a complete gentleman, very respectful, and made me laugh. The rest was history , every encounter after that confirmed that we had something special.

Every time we think back how we met, we laugh. He later told me the only reason he went to get orange juice from the vending machine, was because he was just working up the nerve to talk to me. The orange juice made it all possible lol


2. Bride: What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Our wedding symbolized bringing 2 families together as one. We are a blended family and it was such a wonderful experience seeing our children all dressed up. But mostly my favorite part of the wedding is when our pastor prayed over our new blended family and asked our guests to participate in the prayer. It was a gift to get everyone’s blessing.


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3. Groom: What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Laying my eyes on my bride for the first time. The way she looked that day will be locked in my memory forever.


4. What was your first song to dance to, and why did you guys pick it?

We chose a thousand years by Christina Perry, no we are not twilight groupies…lol. We simply have both endured some challenges in our lives as single parents and at times for both of us felt like we waited a thousand years to find each other and now that we did, we were confident we would be with one another for a thousand more.


5. What did you absolutely want to incorporate into the wedding?

Honestly, we didn’t care if no one came to our wedding we knew our day…our “must” was have our children be a part of our day-we knew our day would be a lasting memory having them there with us.


6. Bride: Any wedding planning advice?

Have a general idea of what you truly want to make the special day complete. Everyone will have an opinion what they think you need, but always remember no one knows what will make you and your groom happy but you two. Don’t be afraid to say no to others suggestions, This is “your” day. And when you piece it all together it will resemble a piece of who you are , and that is what will make the day marked as special.


7. Groom: Any wedding planning advice?

Have a check list for wedding day, and have someone double check you so you don’t forget anything … ie: the wedding ring:)